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    When Is Enough

    When is enough? Is there and end to our endeavours? A conclusion? How can a thing of beauty be built if its design has no end? 

  • Fear

    It's ok, we are all, in our own way, governed by our fears
    by John Wright
  • Am I Dead Yet?

    A reflection on the Stoic mantra "Memento Mori"
    by John Wright
    Am I Dead Yet?

    “Death doesn’t become me. I’ve never done it and I’m sure I never will…”

    how a random Instagram post left me reflecting on the phrase ‘momento mori’ (remember death) and ultimately led me to create a whole new collection around it…


  • by John Wright
    Art & The Metaverse... Are you ready?...

    Big players are staking their claims in the ‘decentralised’ off world landscape that is being referred to as The Metaverse. What is it? What does it have to do with art? What does it matter?