June 22, 2019

billboard. Nowhere 2019

What do YOU see as you make your way through time? I know from my street photography that me eye is drawn to straight lines. My archive is dominated by horizontal rectangles :) Why? I really don’t know :) But I think we all see this world differently. Some of us see circles, repeating patterns, people...I think we all perceive the world around us a little differently.

The scene above really held me. I loved how the desperate (as always) attempt to sell the plainest thing was being hampered by the shadow cast by the sun passing the building behind me :) Simple nature beats sales pitch torture :)

Isn’t it interesting how we have come to accept being perpetually surrounded by advertising? We’re all just happily accepting the thousands of daily messages that tell us there is a ‘higher plain’ of existence and that parting with money will help us exist there. The side message always present that if we don’t have the money...we’ll we just can’t obtain that higher level.

Seneca, the Roman stoic philosopher wrote these beautiful words: “We shall be easier in our minds when rich if we have come to realise how far from burdensome it is to be poor”

In other words “We really don’t need to drop 100/1000 notes on another pair of sneakers/headphones/sunglasses to be happy”

I guess marketing school doesn’t teach Seneca :)

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