January 6, 2020

When is enough? Is there and end to our endeavours? A conclusion? How can a thing of beauty be built if its design has no end?

We all set out in our formative years to escape an imagined and feared outcome for our lives. We create a false ‘ego’ to help us acquire the position, affectations and symbols of the persona we believe we need to become to feel safe. Yet long after we have escaped the blinding spotlight of infamy or the wastelands of mediocrity we still run for our lives.

How often have you overlooked those who truly love the real you, those whose heart beats with you inside and who gladly take your tired hand in theirs, and searched instead for the one dimensional digital love hearts, applause or admiration of those who know you not at all?


These unreal audiences applaud the persona you created. They love an external object for which your ego, your created persona, is responsible. They are in shallow awe of the objects you built to hide behind in safety. Or lost in admiration of the quirk of nature that gave you a pretty face. In this next moment now they applaud another object, and another, and another. Till the approval they showed you is shown for what it is: A passing moment of reassuring entertainment or validation of their own fear filled values.

How will our ego survive? Will we do another deal? Acquire another object? Enhance another physical attribute? Buy another car? Get a new wife/husband because this one doesn’t press the ‘heart’ button enough?

You are loved now. Truly loved. You are held in the hearts of others, the REAL you. Cherished and needed. Those who love you care not for your promotion or status. They care only to feel you close and to know you are safe. Those who love you care not for your appearance or the signs of ageing. They care not if you travel by bus or yacht. The are as happy if you tell the time by the sun or a Breguet Grande Complication, either way, they just want you to arrive in time for dinner.

If we look around at our world and see that we do not have enough, or believe that we are not loved, then truly it is because we have not yet allowed ourselves to accept love. Take down your facade, show your face with all its vulnerability, show your heart and others will show there’s, immediately. Forgive those who hurt you, set yourself free from them because their influence will bring you only a sense of solitary separation. Be who you are, and love, peace and abundance will find you.

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