• Acquiring a piece of my work to add to your art collection creates a connection between us. A connection than spans cultural and geographic boundaries. A relationship that connects your social, aesthetic and cultural attitudes to my perceptions and interpretations of the world in which we both exist. I take this relationship seriously. When you, as a collector, buy a piece of my work, we both grow. I receive the the essential affirmation that every creative heart craves and the invaluable confirmation that the messages I strive to communicate are relevant. You too receive affirmation. Affirmation that you are not alone. That someone else sees the world as you do. The physical piece that you receive allows you to incorporate that emotional connection, tangibly, into your world.

    As a collector of my work I hope you will explore the messages that lie behind the pieces you choose to own. While the work exists in your world, allow yourself to reflect on their subplots and the inner messages they seek to convey.


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  • Authenticity, Safeguarding your art investment


    Safeguarding your art investment

    All work purchased directly from my studios or via this site is accompanied by a Holographically Identifiable Certificate of Authenticity, As an additional layer of provenanc, a corresponding digital record stored securely on Blockchain via ARTORY, the respected digital vault used by the Art Industries leading institutions. All COAs should be transferred to their new owners if a piece of work is sold on the secondary market or transferred to a new owner. If you are purchasing artwork as a gift, please notify us of who the Certifacte Of Authenticity should be recorded with.

  • Secondary Market, The Art World Is Ours

    Secondary Market

    The Art World Is Ours

    Signed and editioned prints are only available directly from my studio or via this site. With very small edition runs, pieces now sell out quickly. If you discover a piece which has sold out, you can let us know of your interest via the ENQUIRE button beside each artwork. Simply use this to drop us a line and we will communicate your interest with exisiting holders of that work. Often, collectors are interested in selling and realising a profit on their investment while making room for new work. We are happy to serve as a bridge between you and an existing collector. As such we will handle the transaction, shipping and insurances.